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Enterprise purpose

To the fluid handling industry of human being, build the brand of international fluid industry.
We will fluid industry as the main business of the company, not just because of the tent together from inception, always adhere to the research and development and production of fluid equipment, as well as in the field, have a large number of elite talent and core technology, more major is, fluid equipment is directly related with human survival and development, to this end, our efforts in the field of industrial fluid, as a kind of social responsibility and historical mission! At the same time, as the industry leader in the field of fluid brand, become more shoulder the important mission of the revitalization of national industry, let all over the world can understand and use our products, together as the ultimate goal is based on China, towards the world! Together is China together not only, and is one of the world together.

Enterprise spirit

The pursuit of excellence, create brilliance!
Management, keep innovation, new management model suitable for different period of time. Quality, strictly control all the time, strives for perfection, to ensure to provide customers the most safe and efficient equipment; Technology, independent innovation, forge ahead, leading industry technology development direction; Brand, and constantly improve the reputation and brand connotation, make customers real recognition and trust; Service, based on sincerity, customer interests first, comprehensive pre-sale, sale, after-sales service to meet clients; In addition, connect adhere to the team cooperation spirit, blame, condensed together, make it become an efficient overall, not advocate personal hero, only the pursuit of team energy, to create brilliant, the highest realm of make full performance of the staff's centripetal force and sense of honor!

Management policy

Talent management as foundation, technology innovation as the power, take the market demand as the guidance, take customer satisfaction as the criteria.
Enterprise talent management scientifically, establish and improve the selection, breeding, appointment, evaluation, rewards and punishments, etc. Internal management system and operational mechanism, create a good working environment, the earth inspire the potential of employees, do people use, as the basis for the sustained and healthy development of enterprises; Enhance enterprise technical competitive advantage and development with independent intellectual property products, continuous innovation, reasonable adjustment of product structure, to form a fist products, as a healthy and continuous development of enterprises; The soul of product development and innovation is the result of market demand, found in the market, focus on the market, meet the market, is the enterprise development goals and direction; From the "integrity-based, customer first" concept, and the earth to reduce customer purchase cost and use cost, both to improve product quality, improve the connotation of the brand, to create customer satisfaction value chain!

Team consciousness

Integration of effective resources, mix, chart cause!
The team consciousness as an important part of enterprise culture, is of great significance and far-reaching effects. Establish team consciousness should be highly unified consistent, to guarantee the efficient and powerful team combat effectiveness. We encourage advanced individual, but does not advocate personal hero, together by promoting team consciousness, the starting point is "people-oriented", especially pay attention to and emphasize the power of all the members and value! Give full play to the subjective initiative of all members, resource integration team, mix, a total of figure, it is the heart is linked together, powerful interpretation glory!

Corporate values

Unity, enterprising, strives for realism the innovation, win-win cooperation.
Unity is the guarantee of good development, harmony is the foundation of the play together. Human efforts to create a good family environment, the staff must possess the overall consciousness, cooperation consciousness and ownership. To achieve personal progress, and strive to work continues to improve, promote the healthy development of the company.
In the realistic development, the increase in innovation. Rely on scientific and technological innovation to win competitive, firmly grasp the "realistic" and "innovation" two key points to correspond to the fierce market competition; By building growth strategy innovation, adhere to market-oriented, to benefit as the center, giving full play to the advantages of brand; Up growth by management innovation, adhere to the management thought and theory innovation, system innovation, technology innovation management.

Between employees and enterprises, between enterprises on the value chain is interdependent, mutually beneficial and win-win relationship. The trust and support of stakeholders is the foundation of the company survival and development. Not only committed to improve the quality and efficiency of development, realize the maximization of the company's long-term value and effort in the development of reward stakeholders, the pursuit of the company and maximize the common interests of all stakeholders, to achieve win-win cooperation and harmonious development.

Enterprise idea

We will always cherish the harmonious relation between human and nature, so as to improve the quality of human life, to this end, our efforts in the field of water industry... !

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