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Urban Water Supply

Run in the company in oil, chemicals, medicine, food and drilling, oil fields offer, air, and high temperatures liquid and the various media.

  • the fluidPetrochemical food market to provide medical services.

  • Chemical materials for the drinks, wine and. the media containing the liquid.

  • the media containing the liquid .

  • the light automatically control the debugging

  • “ We take security seriously, and we always consider enhancing the safety of the job

    site in the process of developing products. ”

Pumping oil, water injection, liquid medicine, high and low temperature liquid and various medium fluid transportation. Automatic control running debugging. We operate in many architectural applications and provide solutions to meet various needs. Delivered solutions, with our extensive portfolio of products, you can achieve excellent productivity, excellent hole quality and lower fuel consumption.

Because of the major, so the client is more assured.

We are domestic well-known large group enterprise and its multi-operations cover the research and production of pump, valve and fluid transportation system, electronic control system and environmental protection equipments.