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SLG series stainless steel vertical multi-stage pump

SLG/SLGF are non-self-suction vertical multi-stage centrifugal pumps mounted with a standard motor, the motor shaft is linked, via the motor seat, directly with the pump shaft with a clutch, both pressure-proof barrel and flow-passing components are fixed in between the motor seat and the water in-out section with pull-bar bolts and both water inlet and outlet of the pump are positioned on one line of the pump bottom; and the pumps can be fitted with an intelligent protector, in case of necessity, to effectively protect them against dry movement ,lack-of-phase, overload etc.

Main feature

1. SLG/SLGF are the products of multiple functions, applicable for transporting various different media from tap water to industrial liquids and suitable for different ranges of temperature, flow and pressure.

2. SLG is applicable for non-corrosive liquids while SLGF for lightly corrosive ones. Water supply: filter and transportation and quartering water feed for water works, boost for main pipes and high buildings.

3. Industrial boost: flowing water system, cleaning system, high pressure rinsing system, fire fighting system. Industrial liquid transportation: cooling & air-conditioning system, boiler water supply & condensing system, completion of machine tools, acid and alkali.

4. Water treatment: extra-filter system, reverse osmosis system, distilling system, separator, swimming pool. Irrigation: farmland irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, trickle irrigation.


Thin, clean, non-combustible non-explosive liquids con- taining no solid grains or fibers. Liquid temperature: constant-temperature type -15~+70℃ hot-water type +70~120℃ Ambient temperature: max. +40℃ Elevation: max. 1000m Note: please note it at the model selection in case the elevation is over 1000m.