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SLW series horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump

SLW series single-stage end-suction horizontal centrifugal pumps are made by way of improving the design of SLS series vertical centrifugal pumps of this company with the performance parameters identical to those of SLS series and in line with the requirements of ISO2858. The products are produced strictly according to the relevant requirements, so they have a stable quality and reliable performance and are the brand-new ones instead of model IS horizontal pump, model DL pump etc. ordinary pumps. They are divided into basic type, flow-expansion type、A、B、C cutting type etc. in more than 250 specifications and with a flow range of 1.5-2400m3/h and a head range of 8-150m. And, per the different fluid media and temperatures, model SLWR hot-water pump, mode SLWH chemical pump, model SLWY oil pump and model SLWHY horizontal anti-explosion chemical pump etc. series products are designed and manufactured and have the same performance parameters.

Main feature

1. Compact structure. These series pumps have an integrally Horizontal structure, beautiful appearance and less area of occupied land, which, comparing with the ordinary ones, is reduced by 30%.

2. Stable running, low noise, high concentricity of assembly. By the straight joint between the motor and the pump, the middle structure is made simplified, thus enhancing the running stability, making the impeller of a good balance of moving-resting, resulting in no vibration during running and improving the environment of use.

3. No leakage. A mechanical seal of antisepticcarbide alloy is used for the shaft sealing so as to get rid of the serious leakage of the fillings of centrifugal pumps and ensure the operating place clean and neat.

4. Convenient service. Service can be easily done without removing any pipeline because of the back-door structure.

5. Viewing from the inlet of the pump, the outlet of it can be mounted in one of the three ways, horizontally leftward, vertically upward and horizontally rightward.


1. SLW series horizontal centrifugal pump is used to transport pure water and other liquids of the similar physical nature as pure water...

2. SLWR series horizontal hot-water pump is suitable for the warming,hot-water boost, circulation, transportation etc...

3. SLWH series horizontal chemical pump is used to transport the liquid containing no solid grain, of cornosivity and a similar viscosity like water ..

4. SLWY series horizontal anti-explosion oil pump is suitable for the industries of petroleum, light & textile in dustry, chemistry, mechanism tec...

5. SLWHY series horizontal anti-explosion chemical pump is used to transport the liquid containing no solid grain, of corrosivity...